Week 7: Hand lettered Twin Nursery Print

You may have noticed this is way late being posted.  You are right, it is.  Our little family has been sick, currently on round two which just so happens to be a stomach bug (I need a whole lot of Jesus and all the lysol!) and I have no shame in missing a deadline to be full-time mama when one of my babies get sick.  As the saying goes, "babies don't keep" and mine needed me this week.  As I type, the latest victim of the bug is sleeping peacefully, finally able to get some rest. So, I'm sorry for the delay, but this is life as a mommy who works at home.

On to what you came here for. A hand lettered print! This one came about unintentionally. I was working on changing an existing print for a customer a few days ago and doodled this print while practicing brush lettering (this was a break from the brush part). 

Printable Week 7: Friends are the Family You Choose

I love my family.  They are complicated and unique, and just like every family have their mountains and their valley's but at the end of the day, they are family.  In addition to my family, I have my "friend family".  These are people that support me and love me like family, and whom I try to support and love like family.  Most of our biological family live out of state, so our friend family is so important to us.  Do you have friends that are like family to you?

Download it here or sign-up for access today.

Week 6: Cross Stitch I Love You

This week, my hand lettered print was full of watercolor flowers and hand lettered script.  But, it was not meant to be as my usual process of scanning and converting was simply not working.  I'm still working through it, but hopefully that will come soon.  So instead, I came up with an albeit simple print, but it is hand lettered and another attempt at practicing my sans serif hand lettering.  Would work well for a card or a print for Valentine's Day morning!  Find it here.


Week 5: Every Good and Perfect Gift

When I hear these words, I am quickly reminded that everything happens for a reason.  It wasn't by chance that I was given any gift in my life.  Gifts aren't always pretty to us at first, either.  Sometimes we foolishly believe that they look like bad gifts.  But over time they are used to hone you, to shape you and they become priceless gifts. 

James 1:17NIV "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change"


Printable Week 6: Love Grows Wherever it Is Planted And Watered - Seed Packet Printable

You guys, Valentine's Day is next week.  Have your kids picked out their valentines for their friends and family?  My boys went with dinosaurs this year.  They found some cute little plastic dinosaurs to tie with their valentines.  I used to look down a touch on non-candy valentines until I entered the world of having a child with a food sensitivity.  I so appreciate them now.  I don't have to do swaps and trades and he gets to keep something he thinks is a treasure.  And yay, no sugar high afterwards! 

So I have had this phrase spinning around in my head for weeks and I thought it would make an adorable valentine.  All you need to do is buy some seeds and print a few of these and you are done!  Pair it with a little pot with a little bag of potting soil for your child's teacher and add a note along the lines of "Thank you for planting seeds in my child's life everyday!"  However you use it, download it here.  Don't have access yet, sign up here, it is FREE!

SeedPackets Demo

Printable Week 5: "The Greatest of These is Love" Hand Lettered Printable

So I am deviating from the practical things today.  I have been avoiding social media this week.  I can definitely say in all my years, I have never seen such vitriol being thrown from any and all sides of varying issues.  I will not discuss those here, but I do wish that we all (myself included) would learn to love others just a little more.  This hand lettered and digitized printable is for any that need a reminder that we have the greatest tool to make a difference in the world.  It is free, and is accessible to everyone.  Because I'd love to see the love spread, please feel free to share. This one is free and printable without even signing up for Master Access (although you can do so here if you like!).  Either way, download it here for PDF or here for jpg.


Printable Week 4: You Are Dino-Mite Printable Valentines

My boys are obsessed with dinosaurs.  While working on geography with my six year old this morning, I showed him a map and asked him what he thought it was called.  And without blinking an eye he informed me it was Australia.  "Yes! How did you know that?" And he replied, "I knew that because that's where they found some dinosaurs."  Or, we could go back to the time my 3 year old cried when he found out that dinosaurs are extinct and exclaimed, "But I really wanted a pink ankylosaurous!" And the simple fact that I know and have been trained by my boys to properly pronounce about 2 dozen dinosaur names I never would have been able to spell three years ago, proves that I live with dino-crazed little boys. So this printable comes just in time for Valentine's Day for all those little boys and girls who adore these prehistoric creatures just as much as my crew does.  Download the PDF or JPG here! Or sign-up here. (It takes 24-48 hours to receive the password.)

Week 3: And if not...

I could weep if I took the time to list the battles that many beloved relatives and friends have gone through, or continue to go through at this moment. These words are such a good reminder that even if God says no to healing someone, even if the the valley they walk through is darker than the moonless night, that He is still good. 


 Find it in the shop  here . $1 the first week in the Etsy shop.

Find it in the shop here. $1 the first week in the Etsy shop.

Printable Week 3: A Weekly Glance Planner Page

Sometimes planning your day out requires taking a look at what the rest of your week looks like.  You have an appointment coming up on Friday, make sure you have a reminder when you are planning your week. Make your grocery list while menu planning and figure out exactly what your "big" goals for the week are so you can make this week productive.  This tool helps me manage some of the aspects of my life and business that need me to look at the bigger picture so I can plan the days of my week with smaller goals to meet the bigger goals.  Hope you enjoy the free printable that you can access here once you sign up to access all the printables I am posting this year.

Week Two: Temper to My Mental

After week one, I thought I was getting pretty good at creating my own lines.  And then I had what I thought was a moment of brilliance!  My husband gave me the side squinty eye when I told him my idea, but I had already sold myself on how clever it was.  I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure what it means, but I still think it is hilarious. I know, it is probably just me, but maybe someone else out there gets my humor on this one.  You can love it (or hate it, but just be nice about it!).

Like the first week, this was intended to be a card, but can be printed however you like.  You can find it in my shop here.  First week they are only $1.  After that they bump up to my regular printable price.

Next week, I have been working on something in the brush script family. And for the 4th week, you can anticipate something you can use for Valentine's Day!

Printable Week 2: A Daily Planner Page

I am pretty picky about my planners, but I'm also insanely frugal. It definitely has not been conducive to finding my forever planner.  I just have a hard time spending $50, even $30 on a planner.  My needs have changed in the past and I have forked over $35+ for planners and then found them to just.not.work for me.  They are lovely planners, great ones really, but they don't work in my lifestyle.  I'm a take and go list girl, and I time block like it is my job.  I came across the concept of time management when I read the book Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy (recommended by Money Saving Mom at the time).  I was feeling particularly frustrated late last year, when all three planners (yep....three....let that sink in for a moment) were only about 30% used by the end of the year.  I ended up using them for big appointments, but not for the every day time blocking.  And my goal setting, it just didn't happen in a book that wasn't with my other planner.  So I set out to make a planner sheet that would work for me.  What I came up with gives me time blocking, exercise tracking, water tracking, meal tracking, Important items to address and well, it has worked well for me. Also, I tried to make it pretty and coordinate with my monthly calendar.  I find that I use pretty things a little bit more.


I will confess that I have been experimenting with bullet journaling ever since my husband sent me an article that talked about it.  Since I am in a year of hand lettering, I've been doing both to see which fits me better.  Thus far it is a toss up, but this year has already been different than last year.  How? You ask.  9 days in and I'm still happy with my planner choices and have been using them and getting so much done.  At some point this year I will be rereading Eat That Frog! and a few other time management books, like Time Management Mama, to really hone my time management skills. 

I hope you love this FREE tool!  If you want to download it, sign up for our FREE VIP Master Access and you can download every printable I load in 2017, for FREE.  Did I mention it was free? If you are already a VIP, head here to get yours!

Next week, I'll have an add on to this that can help you be even more productive every week!

Week One: You are the Salt to My Pepper

Over the last few months I spent quite an embarassing amount of time looking for public domain quotes.  Much of what I found was either already used profusely in the design world, or just wasn't fun or exciting to me at the time.  I was also reminded of why it is so hard to find public domain quotes.  The rules for what qualifies as public domain are anything but simple and as soon as you think you understand it, there will be an exception.  Those exceptions made me nervous, so I decided to come up with some little sayings to letter to start.  Most likely, any real literature "quotes" outside of Bible verses, or practically ancient text, will be free and accessible in my Master Access Printables section.  Everything else will be available in my Etsy shop.

So this week, I went with "You are the Salt to My Pepper".  This would be adorable as a note card, and is how I envision using it myself.  Did you resolve to send more cards this year?  Why not start by downloading this and sending it to your best friend?

I hope you enjoy and I so look forward to seeing my lettering improve over the next 52 weeks and hope you come back every week for my weekly printable and weekly hand lettered print.


Week One of Free Printables: 2017 Calendar

Every week this year I am working to create a new, valuable printable for my VIP followers.  You too can be a VIP for free, by signing up here.

I thought an appropriate way to start 2017 off right would be with a pretty, vintage floral calendar.  It includes all 12 months and is set to print on letter size paper, so you can even print at home if you like.  So if you haven't found the perfect calendar yet, you have found the one that will even look pretty on your fridge.

Looking at 2017, what does it look like to you?  This year I am starting something new, and a bit scary (eek! Putting yourself out there for others to critique in a public forum is just a touch scary to me).  But in addition to venturing out into blogging, I decided that instead of making "goals" this year, that at least in my personal life, I am going to try something new and try to spend at lest 10 minutes a day doing things I care about, but sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of life, can't find time for every day, because, dishes, cleaning, making dinner, getting to soccer practice, folding laundry.  You know how it goes.  So while I do all the things on my list every week, I do not always do them well every day.  One of the things I struggle the most with every day is finding time to workout.  I've made so many excuses.  So I am determined to spend just 10 minutes everyday.  If I get to 20 minutes, awesome! If I can only do 10, awesome, goal met. 

What about you? How do you go about making goals for the year, for the week, or do you stick with another approach?

7th Day of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, seven swans a swimming.  You might not have a use for seven swans swimming, as pretty as they might be, but what about a family name sign, 24' x 30", for only $65 unframed, or $85 with a wooden frame? (Plus Shipping & Handling).  These family signs are a great way to display your family name, and how every member joined the family.  It will become a keepsake for years to come.  Email me to sign up now! (katy @ littleredflagdesigns. com)