Week One of Free Printables: 2017 Calendar

Every week this year I am working to create a new, valuable printable for my VIP followers.  You too can be a VIP for free, by signing up here.

I thought an appropriate way to start 2017 off right would be with a pretty, vintage floral calendar.  It includes all 12 months and is set to print on letter size paper, so you can even print at home if you like.  So if you haven't found the perfect calendar yet, you have found the one that will even look pretty on your fridge.

Looking at 2017, what does it look like to you?  This year I am starting something new, and a bit scary (eek! Putting yourself out there for others to critique in a public forum is just a touch scary to me).  But in addition to venturing out into blogging, I decided that instead of making "goals" this year, that at least in my personal life, I am going to try something new and try to spend at lest 10 minutes a day doing things I care about, but sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of life, can't find time for every day, because, dishes, cleaning, making dinner, getting to soccer practice, folding laundry.  You know how it goes.  So while I do all the things on my list every week, I do not always do them well every day.  One of the things I struggle the most with every day is finding time to workout.  I've made so many excuses.  So I am determined to spend just 10 minutes everyday.  If I get to 20 minutes, awesome! If I can only do 10, awesome, goal met. 

What about you? How do you go about making goals for the year, for the week, or do you stick with another approach?