Printable Week 4: You Are Dino-Mite Printable Valentines

My boys are obsessed with dinosaurs.  While working on geography with my six year old this morning, I showed him a map and asked him what he thought it was called.  And without blinking an eye he informed me it was Australia.  "Yes! How did you know that?" And he replied, "I knew that because that's where they found some dinosaurs."  Or, we could go back to the time my 3 year old cried when he found out that dinosaurs are extinct and exclaimed, "But I really wanted a pink ankylosaurous!" And the simple fact that I know and have been trained by my boys to properly pronounce about 2 dozen dinosaur names I never would have been able to spell three years ago, proves that I live with dino-crazed little boys. So this printable comes just in time for Valentine's Day for all those little boys and girls who adore these prehistoric creatures just as much as my crew does.  Download the PDF or JPG here! Or sign-up here. (It takes 24-48 hours to receive the password.)