Week One: You are the Salt to My Pepper

Over the last few months I spent quite an embarassing amount of time looking for public domain quotes.  Much of what I found was either already used profusely in the design world, or just wasn't fun or exciting to me at the time.  I was also reminded of why it is so hard to find public domain quotes.  The rules for what qualifies as public domain are anything but simple and as soon as you think you understand it, there will be an exception.  Those exceptions made me nervous, so I decided to come up with some little sayings to letter to start.  Most likely, any real literature "quotes" outside of Bible verses, or practically ancient text, will be free and accessible in my Master Access Printables section.  Everything else will be available in my Etsy shop.

So this week, I went with "You are the Salt to My Pepper".  This would be adorable as a note card, and is how I envision using it myself.  Did you resolve to send more cards this year?  Why not start by downloading this and sending it to your best friend?

I hope you enjoy and I so look forward to seeing my lettering improve over the next 52 weeks and hope you come back every week for my weekly printable and weekly hand lettered print.