Printable Week 2: A Daily Planner Page

I am pretty picky about my planners, but I'm also insanely frugal. It definitely has not been conducive to finding my forever planner.  I just have a hard time spending $50, even $30 on a planner.  My needs have changed in the past and I have forked over $35+ for planners and then found them to for me.  They are lovely planners, great ones really, but they don't work in my lifestyle.  I'm a take and go list girl, and I time block like it is my job.  I came across the concept of time management when I read the book Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy (recommended by Money Saving Mom at the time).  I was feeling particularly frustrated late last year, when all three planners (yep....three....let that sink in for a moment) were only about 30% used by the end of the year.  I ended up using them for big appointments, but not for the every day time blocking.  And my goal setting, it just didn't happen in a book that wasn't with my other planner.  So I set out to make a planner sheet that would work for me.  What I came up with gives me time blocking, exercise tracking, water tracking, meal tracking, Important items to address and well, it has worked well for me. Also, I tried to make it pretty and coordinate with my monthly calendar.  I find that I use pretty things a little bit more.


I will confess that I have been experimenting with bullet journaling ever since my husband sent me an article that talked about it.  Since I am in a year of hand lettering, I've been doing both to see which fits me better.  Thus far it is a toss up, but this year has already been different than last year.  How? You ask.  9 days in and I'm still happy with my planner choices and have been using them and getting so much done.  At some point this year I will be rereading Eat That Frog! and a few other time management books, like Time Management Mama, to really hone my time management skills. 

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Next week, I'll have an add on to this that can help you be even more productive every week!