Printable Week 5: "The Greatest of These is Love" Hand Lettered Printable

So I am deviating from the practical things today.  I have been avoiding social media this week.  I can definitely say in all my years, I have never seen such vitriol being thrown from any and all sides of varying issues.  I will not discuss those here, but I do wish that we all (myself included) would learn to love others just a little more.  This hand lettered and digitized printable is for any that need a reminder that we have the greatest tool to make a difference in the world.  It is free, and is accessible to everyone.  Because I'd love to see the love spread, please feel free to share. This one is free and printable without even signing up for Master Access (although you can do so here if you like!).  Either way, download it here for PDF or here for jpg.