Week 7: Hand lettered Twin Nursery Print

You may have noticed this is way late being posted.  You are right, it is.  Our little family has been sick, currently on round two which just so happens to be a stomach bug (I need a whole lot of Jesus and all the lysol!) and I have no shame in missing a deadline to be full-time mama when one of my babies get sick.  As the saying goes, "babies don't keep" and mine needed me this week.  As I type, the latest victim of the bug is sleeping peacefully, finally able to get some rest. So, I'm sorry for the delay, but this is life as a mommy who works at home.

On to what you came here for. A hand lettered print! This one came about unintentionally. I was working on changing an existing print for a customer a few days ago and doodled this print while practicing brush lettering (this was a break from the brush part).