Printable Week 6: Love Grows Wherever it Is Planted And Watered - Seed Packet Printable

You guys, Valentine's Day is next week.  Have your kids picked out their valentines for their friends and family?  My boys went with dinosaurs this year.  They found some cute little plastic dinosaurs to tie with their valentines.  I used to look down a touch on non-candy valentines until I entered the world of having a child with a food sensitivity.  I so appreciate them now.  I don't have to do swaps and trades and he gets to keep something he thinks is a treasure.  And yay, no sugar high afterwards! 

So I have had this phrase spinning around in my head for weeks and I thought it would make an adorable valentine.  All you need to do is buy some seeds and print a few of these and you are done!  Pair it with a little pot with a little bag of potting soil for your child's teacher and add a note along the lines of "Thank you for planting seeds in my child's life everyday!"  However you use it, download it here.  Don't have access yet, sign up here, it is FREE!

SeedPackets Demo